Saturday, June 15, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 21

Reflection - Essay ExampleIt was easier for me to break down the thesis statement in dissimilar paragraphs later on.As a matter of fact, gaining information concerning the pin-pointed arguments was easier. However, skimming the correct claims to back up and support the arguments was the technical aspect of writing. I set a word count as per the points. It was due to this reason that I was able to skim the relevant and most effective information for backing up the arguments. As soon as I was able to add information in the body paragraphs, I noticed that there was an avid need of changing the topic. Initially, I selected the topic that was quite vague. Later on, with the advancement in writing ideas in the paper, I changed my topic too, The Passion of Boxing.The following paragraphs from two versions of my submitted written get together can explain the number of aspects that I had to work on during the re-drafting process. As the older version included the following statement, Attend ing a boxing solution in a boxing gym located in our neighborhood introduced me to a group of apply fans and boxers. Boxing is a sport that requires dedication, discipline, and communication with coaches and fans given that the game bonds us together, and makes us a family (older version). These above mentioned sentences did not present the true meaning effectively. It was due to this reason that I had to change the sentence from the scratch. It go forth not be incorrect to state that this was the paragraph where I had to make maximum changes for re-drafting. The changed version of the paper is as follows, I was introduced to a group of dedicated fans and boxers. The group was very eager to have the time of their lives. All attendees formed a sporting family, united by their love for the game (newer version).As cold as language and mechanics were concerned, I noticed that there were a lot of mistakes that I was making while

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